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  • COVID-19 Daily Monitoring Survey

    Don't forget to complete the daily monitoring survey for each child well before they head to school each day.  The survey is located under the Web Forms tab of the left-hand navigation menu of your Family Portal home page.  Students will not be admitted to the building until they have submitted a completed survey.

  • Moms in Prayer Groups

    Inviting all ladies who desire to meet together and uphold the entire CCA community in prayer to join us at one of these two times, beginning on Thursday, September 30.  Thursday meetings will be in the Activity House/Pre-School building and Monday meeting will be in the CCA Library 

    • Thursday Mornings-7:45-8:45 (10/28)
    • Monday Afternoons-2:45-3:45 (10/18, 11/1, 11/15...)
    Click the link below for more information